In our opinion, art doesn’t exist in a void. It needs context to be fully realized and appreciated. The great paintings and sculptures are as much a fruit of the artist’s labor, as they are of the times they were created in. So too, do we wanted to root our creations in a world that is more tangible and ‘lived-in’. 

It also happens that we love world-building and game design. Cool giant monsters, grizzled anti-heroes and epic tales of adventure, journey and war. All that – and much more! – awaits you in the world and game of Aeon Trespass, our premiere science fantasy setting. In the coming months we will gradually reveal more, for now please enjoy the beauty of the Nymphs, celestial beings that hold sway over destiny in the absence of gods, the raw strength of the Titans and the otherwordly terror of the Primordial monsters.