The Argonauts were not prepared. They had not met such ferocity before. Such hatred. They still clung to their duty, they still tried to keep the peace. But it was far too late for that. For in Sparta, it was war that greeted them.

Armies of red and green clashing over rolling hills, leaving trails of razed villages and poisoned wells, like pox marks on a once fertile land. Fields of wrecked Phalanxes, leaking quicksilver and attracting otherworldly scavengers. Temples turned strongholds or, worse, altars to the Nietzschean himself. And giant monstrous Primordials roaming the countryside, devouring all with no regards to colors, banners and loyalties.

The Argonauts needed a new kind of titan. A titan bred for war. After much deliberation, the council secluded itself for a dozen days. When the priests emerged again, they Brought Back with them a Kyclopes.

Deluxe miniature set contains:
- 1 35mm scale resin miniature
- 1 scenic base
- 1 art card
- 1 kraft box

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