At the center of the Cretan madness lies the Labyrinth. Once the prison of the fearsome Minotaur, it decayed after brave Theseus freed the people of Athens from their gruesome fate by killing the monster. Even old Minos, consumed by grief, would not raise a hand to halt this fall to ruin.

Yet the Labyrinth stands once more, taller than ever, and none who venture return unchanged. The maze has a way of separating the wheat from the chaff: you either become one of the Labyrinthians or you do not come out at all.

So it is rare to find one, who has avoided both fates. 

Even rarer to find a Titan that did. But when you do, you know you have found in it a perfect weapon against the Truth of the Labyrinth.

Deluxe miniature set contains:
- 1 35mm scale resin miniature
- 1 scenic base
- 1 art card
- 1 kraft box

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