Knowledge Nymph

Knowledge Nymph


The Knowledge Nymph is both, a symbol of forbidden lore and its connoisseur. She may be found in old libraries and forgotten temples, in closed-down academies and secluded archives, poring of tomes, scrolls, tablets and cuneiform scripts. If one wishes, they may barter with her for information. She’s as unscrupulous, as she is wise, so the trade may not always be fair, but that, you can say, is a tax on curiosity. 

Beware the Dream of Pharos though. The world is full of tales of scholars, sages and philosophers alike, who fell asleep and never woke back...

Deluxe miniature set contains:
- 1 32mm scale resin miniature
- 1 scenic base
- 1 art card
- 1 kraft box

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