Forge Nymph

Forge Nymph


An artificer haunted by a dream of a Transcendent Design will soon be visited by the Forge Nymph. She, and she alone, will grant them the inspiration and drive to unlock their true potential. A tragic choice must be made. If the craftsman refuses the call, the nymph vanishes, leaving them with a life-long longing for the perfect masterpiece. If they give in, the errant muse drives them to their breaking points. Along the way, they lose everyone and everything they once held dear. Once their masterpiece is created, the Transcendent Design given shape, the nymph leaves, taking her ward’s talent as payment.

One has to wonder, is there a place where all these contraptions end up? A trophy room of a trickster demigod? Or as parts of great machine with an unknown purpose?

Deluxe miniature set contains:
- 1 32mm scale resin miniature
- 1 scenic base
- 1 art card
- 1 kraft box

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