Amalthean Nymph

Amalthean Nymph


The Amalthean Nymph is a rare sight, for in this cruel and unforgiving world of post-Eschaton Hellas, she is a force wholly good. She is selfless and unrelenting in her quest to save all those Potentials: the would-be heroes, the future saviors, all those that could one day help shape the ancient world and right its twisting path.

The bloodmilk of the nymph has both healing and enhancing properties: it rejuvenates the body, puts the mind to rest, bolsters muscles and hardens the skin. Alchemists of the fallen Troy knew how to brew a potent potion out of it, the achillean elixir. It is also said that those the Amalthean Nymph finds especially worthy are granted a piece of her fur hide. Sawn into a shield, the hide hardens, creating an almost indestructible surface called the aegis alloy.

Deluxe miniature set contains:
- 1 32mm scale resin miniature
- 1 scenic base
- 1 art card
- 1 kraft box

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