Alpha Temenos

Alpha Temenos


No one has seen Temenos and lived to tell the tale. It is the Cataclysm That Came to Crete. The Miracle of the Punished. The Source of the Plague. The Pyramid of the Centimanes. It is the Truth of the Labyrinth made flesh and stone and void. A Primordial of immense size and power, more force of nature than mortal creature. In the end, it will surely consume us all.

And if we somehow survive, hope still evades us. For where there is an Alpha, there is an Omega.

1 Alpha Temenos deluxe miniature set:

- 1 35mm scale resin miniature (actual height 140mm)

- 1 scenic base

- 1 art card

- 1 certificate of authenticity

- 1 kraft box

*The large art print is only included if set ordered as part of an Argonaut or higher pledge

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