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What is Eschaton?

What is Eschaton exactly? It's a brand new collection of miniatures, this time focusing on our world's 'heroes' and monsters. I put heroes in quotation marks, because the Titans are brutal and dangerous, and are the good guys only by virtue of being controlled by the human Argonauts.


On the other hand, the monsters, Primordials, are pure evil. Some of them are mindless, others calculating, but all have seemingly one goal: to eradicate humanity.

The scale

As the Titans are supposed to represent strength and power, we've decide to cast them in a slightly larger scale, Heroic 35mm. This means the actual average size of the Titans, from feet to eyes, is about 37mm. This may seem like a trivial change, but those few milimeters allow us to show an unprecedented amount of detail. As with the Nymphs, each miniature will stand atop a scenic base, this time 30mm in diameter, and will come in a hand-stamped box, with an art card and certificate.